Tips for Homeschooling During COVID Lockdown

Tips for families in Sydney and elsewhere experiencing another round of lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Effect of Screen Time on Sleep

An overview of the ways screen use can impact on the sleep of children and adolescents.


Helping Your Child Develop a Growth Mindset

Understanding what a growth mindset is and how it can help your child!


Working With Your Child’s Anxiety

Ways to understand and help your child manage their anxiety so that they aren’t limited by it.


All About Mindfulness

An introduction on what mindfulness is, how it may help family members of all ages and strategies on incorporating it into your life.


Talking to Your Child About Going to Therapy

Tips on how to prepare your child for a positive experience.


Screen Time Withdrawal in Children

Is your child experiencing screen time withdrawal?


Managing Back to School Anxiety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Tips for managing your child’s anxiety during the transition back to school.


Figurenotes: Music Therapy for Your Child

The Evidence-Based Music Therapy approach used at Sydney Children’s Practice.


Music Therapy 

 What Music Therapy is and how it can help your child.


Five steps to Reduce Anger Outbursts in Children 

 Ways to manage your children’s anger and avoid destructive anger escalation.


FAQs of Cognitive Assessments

Information about intelligence and other psychometric assessments.


A Parent’s Guide to Teaching Problem Solving 

Ways to help your children build an essential life skill.


How to Improve Sleep in Younger Children 

Having trouble with your child’s bedtime? Try these strategies!


Improving Sleep for Adolescents

Strategies to assist with adolescent sleep difficulties.